My compositions are developed from materials captured from the human and natural world, seeking to explore the beauty in everyday objects. I am particularly interested in how these materials are interpreted by audiences, and how these interpretations relate to our experience of the real and the virtual. 

Atra-Hasis (2021)

Beach soundscapes and choral works sung from portions of the ancient flood […]

Whispers of the Past

Three soundscape miniatures for geolocated soundwalk. ‘Whispers of the Past’ explores and […]

Gerstl’s Ghost

String Quartet – Soundtrack Gerstl’s Ghost is an immersive film / VR […]

A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards – AHRC Research Grant (Co-Investigator)

I am delighted to be Co Investigator on this major AHRC project, […]

Over Lunan

Soundtrack / Radio play / Live Performance – Choir, Marimba, Trumpet, Sound […]

Chase (2020)

for Lead Theremin & Theremin Ensemble “This piece should be interpreted playfully. […]

We Choose To Go To The Moon (2019)

Documentary Soundtrack (5.1) – [Dir. Tim Fitzpatrick] This evocative soundtrack was composed […]

GONG (2019)

35mm Optical Sound, Stereo – [Dir. David Leister] The greatest British film […]

Immersive Hyperreal Soundscapes

A collaboration between myself, Paula Fairfield, Brona Martin and L Acoustics, funded […]

Spectral Spaces – Trumpet and Electronics [2nd Mvmt.] (2019)

3rd Order Ambisonics & Trumpet performance – This work for trumpet and […]

Attack and Continuants – Trumpet and Electronics [1st Mvmt.] (2019)

3rd Order Ambisonics & Trumpet performance – This work for trumpet and […]

Biggest Neon Sign in the World (2019)

Soundtrack – Trumpet player Bede Williams sent me a recording of himself […]

Child of the Big City (2019)

Ensemble Performance – Trumpet, Flute, 2 Bassoons, Bass Trombone, Percussion. – Dir. […]

VOID (2019)

Audiovisual Composition (2k Video with 48kHz Stereo Sound) – “The non-place never […]

Europe Endless (2018)

Soundtrack – Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in […]

Double Take (2018)

Soundtrack for Dance Performance and Media – “Double Take: Looking back at […]


 A touring collaborative programme of works, developed in collaboration with artist Jim […]

incandescence (2016)

Stereo audio – This work is composed from materials captured on the […]

Projections (2016)

Quadraphonic electronic sounds & 16mm Projector – Performance Instructions The projector is […]

Sounds of the Cultural Quarter

Historical Soundscapes & Sound Map – The premise of my contribution to […]

Precious – Flora (2014)

Sound Installation – Commissioned by Jasie McArdle and Ellen Bianchini to develop […]

Stille Lyd: Part II – Høvringen (2014)

Stereo for diffusion – (adapted for 3rd Order Ambisonics in 2019) – […]

Stille Lyd: Part I – NOTAM (2014)

Stereo Acousmatic – Stille Lyd means ‘Quiet Sound’. This work was entirely […]

Digital Building Heritage Group

Soundtracks – On this project I worked as Sound Designer alongside architects […]

Abstracted Journeys (2013)

Acousmatic Stereo – Abstracted Journeys was comissioned as part of the ‘EARS2’ / […]


Documentary Film – I was invited to join and take part in […]

Perpetual Motion (2012)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work was inspired by and developed exclusively from […]

Vox Loop-o (2011)

Stereo The work is both playful and reflective exploring the musical possibilities […]

Phase (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work is inspired by the concept of transformation […]

Decomposing the Light (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – “I open my eyes to the light, and see […]

FLUX (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – An audiovisual piece inspired by cyclic patterns, exploring sound […]

Adagio for the Shipping Forecast (2007)

Piano and Electronics – Composed as part of my final year Undergraduate […]