My compositions are developed from materials captured from the human and natural world, seeking to explore the beauty in everyday objects. I am particularly interested in how these materials are interpreted by audiences, and how these interpretations relate to our experience of the real and the virtual. 

Whispers of the Past

Three soundscape miniatures for geolocated soundwalk. ‘Whispers of the Past’ explores and presents stories from archives from men and women who worked at the Chatham Dockyard before it became a museum. We hear personal accounts, moving stories, descriptions, memories and anecdotes that become vivid and alive again through the voices of those who experienced them. […]

Gerstl’s Ghost

String Quartet – Soundtrack Gerstl’s Ghost is an immersive film / VR piece by Peter Bathurst which explores the last days of the painter Richard Gerstl. I was commissioned to compose original music to underscore the dramatic narrative sequence leading to Gerstl’s suicide and subsequent interactive VR sequence. Gerstl was a painter who committed suicide […]

A Sonic Palimpsest: Revisiting Chatham Historic Dockyards – AHRC Research Grant (Co-Investigator)

I am delighted to be Co Investigator on this major AHRC project, which started in September 2020 and is running until the end of 2022. It aims to recreate soundscapes of the past and explore the use of sound in heritage contexts. The project emanates from soundscape studies and will examine the sound environments of […]

Over Lunan

Soundtrack / Radio play / Live Performance – Choir, Marimba, Trumpet, Sound A ritualised choral performance at Lunan Bay, Angus. A perfect crescent running for nearly two miles. To the north end lie deeply formed sand dunes, their height testament to the actions of more ancient seas; Here we are offered protection. Lost in time. In […]

Chase (2020)

for Lead Theremin & Theremin Ensemble “This piece should be interpreted playfully. The lead Theremin selects and plays the notated gestures, while the ensemble seek to follow and imitate the leader. The ensemble are variously instructed to follow more or less closely, and the natural and expected latency between the lead Theremin and the individual […]

We Choose To Go To The Moon (2019)

Documentary Soundtrack (5.1) – [Dir. Tim Fitzpatrick] This evocative soundtrack was composed to underscore a short documentary film directed by Tim Fitzpatrick. Using NASA recordings from the Apollo 12 mission and extended Trumpet techniques performed by Bede Williams, the piece seeks to evoke the impression of awe and wonder that surrounds space exploration.

GONG (2019)

35mm Optical Sound, Stereo – [Dir. David Leister] The greatest British film company emblematically deconstructed. Gong (2019) – Excerpt from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo. This work was premiered at the 2019 BFI London Film Festival, in the Experimenta – Double Vision Programme. Full programme details are available here: BFI Screening Link

Immersive Hyperreal Soundscapes

A collaboration between myself, Paula Fairfield, Brona Martin and L Acoustics, funded by HEIF. A collaborative project to develop immersive hyperreal soundscapes, and research creative workflows for adapting linear timeline-based composition workflows towards new object-based panning systems, such as those used in the new L-ISA multichannel audio system. The L-ISA team approached me with a […]

Spectral Spaces – Trumpet and Electronics [2nd Mvmt.] (2019)

3rd Order Ambisonics & Trumpet performance – This work for trumpet and electronics was collaboratively devised to explore the potentials of trumpet timbre and the spatial possibilities in 3OA. Just as the sonic materials seek to dissolve the boundaries between live and projected trumpet, the physical choreography of the work, in which the performer walks […]

Attack and Continuants – Trumpet and Electronics [1st Mvmt.] (2019)

3rd Order Ambisonics & Trumpet performance – This work for trumpet and electronics was collaboratively devised to explore the potentials of trumpet timbre and the spatial possibilities in 3OA. Just as the sonic materials seek to dissolve the boundaries between live and projected trumpet, the physical choreography of the work, in which the performer walks […]

Biggest Neon Sign in the World (2019)

Soundtrack – Trumpet player Bede Williams sent me a recording of himself Roberto Kuhn (guitar) , Alex Waber (percussion) made in the Silo at Cupar, a highly reverberant space, and asked me to edit and complement these recordings to make a soundtrack for a short film by Tim Fitzpatrick. This project led on to collaboration […]

Child of the Big City (2019)

Ensemble Performance – Trumpet, Flute, 2 Bassoons, Bass Trombone, Percussion. – Dir. Evgeni Bauer – The great privilege in developing this new score has been to discover and tease out the many subtleties and underlying themes within Bauer’s film. The music seeks to reflect the historical context, with musical references of original Russian Tango music […]

VOID (2019)

Audiovisual Composition (2k Video with 48kHz Stereo Sound) – “The non-place never exists in pure form; places reconstitute themselves in it; relations are restored and resumed in it”. Marc Augé – Non-Places Inspired by Marc Augé’s notion of non-place, this audio visual composition explores how impressions of space and place (both positive and negative) can […]

Europe Endless (2018)

Soundtrack – Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016, literary critic and film producer Colin MacCabe visits celebrated writer Patrick McCabe in his hometown of Clones, Co. Monaghan, to discuss his novels, the impact of the referendum on the Irish border, and the Republic of Ireland’s relationship with Europe. Featuring […]

Double Take (2018)

Soundtrack for Dance Performance and Media – “Double Take: Looking back at yourself” an international performance that connects the Past with the Now. An amalgamation of physical and virtual dancers. Some 30 years ago, choreographer Gregory Sporton and dancer Sandra Norman collaborated on a stylish duet ‘Double Take’, subsequently performed around New Zealand for most […]


 A touring collaborative programme of works, developed in collaboration with artist Jim Hobbs, commissioned by the 16mm Film Collective in New York MONO NO AWARE, delving into the archives of the New York Public Library and LUX, the experimental film collective in London, the programme presents reimagined and reinterpreted films from the archive with newly […]

incandescence (2016)

Stereo audio – This work is composed from materials captured on the factory floor of one of the largest factories producing utilities in the US, Nela Park, Cleavland, Ohio – GE’s lightbulb factory. The humble lightbulb is ubiquitous, driving our modern culture and providing us with a sense of controlling time and the working day. […]

Projections (2016)

Quadraphonic electronic sounds & 16mm Projector – Performance Instructions The projector is the performer.  The piece begins with the lighting illuminating a centre spot on the stage. The projector is then wheeled on to the stage by the operator and positioned as outlined above.  Once the projector is in position, and connected to the power, […]

Sounds of the Cultural Quarter

Historical Soundscapes & Sound Map – The premise of my contribution to the project was explore the soundscapes of the cultural quarter, reconstructing historical soundscapes as a way to engage local people to explore and connect with the history of the area through sound. I was commissioned as part of the ‘Affective Digital Histories’ project, […]

Precious – Flora (2014)

Sound Installation – Commissioned by Jasie McArdle and Ellen Bianchini to develop a soundtrack that serves to enrich the visual and tactile aspects of the work and to evoke associations with nature and the environment. Brief: To design a soundscape for the installation Precious hosted at the LCB depot Leicester, to use ‘realistic’ sound […]

Stille Lyd: Part II – Høvringen (2014)

Stereo for diffusion – (adapted for 3rd Order Ambisonics in 2019) – Stille Lyd means ‘Quiet Sound’. This piece was developed from recordings made in January 2014 around the log cabins at Høvringen, 1000 meters above sea level on the edge of the Rondane National Park. The air temperature was -13ºC and there was significant […]

Stille Lyd: Part I – NOTAM (2014)

Stereo Acousmatic – Stille Lyd means ‘Quiet Sound’. This work was entirely developed from sounds recorded within the NOTAM centre itself. The majority of the recordings were made in the last few days before Christmas 2013, when the building was empty and when it was “quiet”. These ambiences and close recorded sounds were then layered […]

Digital Building Heritage Group

Soundtracks – On this project I worked as Sound Designer alongside architects and 3D modelling designers to develop facsimiles of historical soundscapes in the reconstruction of historic sites and buildings.

Abstracted Journeys (2013)

Acousmatic Stereo – Abstracted Journeys was comissioned as part of the ‘EARS2’ / ‘Compose with Sounds’ project and was premiered in Paris at the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM), Akousma festival, January 2013.  The work seeks to playfully explore the sonic textures present within audio recordings, transporting the listener on a surrealistic journey in sound. The […]


Documentary Film – I was invited to join and take part in the Dirty Electronics workshop at the Dartington International Summer School . This documentary captures the activities and the essence of the project as we built and performed with a new instrument. Charge/Discharge (2012) by John Richards [Documentary & Performance] from Andrew Knight-Hill on […]

Perpetual Motion (2012)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work was inspired by and developed exclusively from materials collected in the Paternoster lift at the Attenborough tower, Leicester. The paternoster lift itself is in constant motion, the open compartments slide slowly between floors in a never ending loop, rising and falling, passing constantly in a seamless flow of perpetual motion. […]

Vox Loop-o (2011)

Stereo The work is both playful and reflective exploring the musical possibilities within edited sound and shifting between moods to reflect the complexities of the vocal material and human sound source. The human voice presents diverse possibilities for the composer both in terms of a source material, but also (and perhaps more importantly) in terms […]

Phase (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work is inspired by the concept of transformation in a thermodynamic system, from one state of matter to another. It uses colour and texture to evoke the complex interaction of energy and matter as they combine, react and transmute. Phase from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo.

Decomposing the Light (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – “I open my eyes to the light, and see at first only a maze of light and colour. I touch, I move forwards, I touch again, and as I look the chaos insensibly clears. Touch in some way decomposes the light, separates the colours, distributes among the objects, and detatches a clear […]

FLUX (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – An audiovisual piece inspired by cyclic patterns, exploring sound and image relationships. Flux from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo.

Adagio for the Shipping Forecast (2007)

Piano and Electronics – Composed as part of my final year Undergraduate composition portfolio. With piano sounds transformed and granulated live using Max / MSP.