Soundtrack / Radio play / Live Performance – Choir, Marimba, Trumpet, Sound

Our world is formed and connected by the sea. Thousands of years ago, these coastlines were shaped by cataclysmic events; in Mesopotamia too, mythical floods gave rise to stories of the Apkallū – half-fish, half-human sages who emerged from the sea to bring wisdom to our ancestors, living in what became known as the ‘cradle of civilisation’.

Thousands of years later, those same lands lie decimated by war and the world’s oceans are rising again… what would the Apkallū say if they returned to speak for one last time?

Commissioned by Hospitalfield and Arbroath 2020+1, Over Lunan was a multifaceted project inspired by Babylonian mythology.

Revealing the discoveries of journalist Charlie Ross who spent a summer in Lunan Bay on the north east coast of Scotland, investigating the area’s history and mythology, and the natural forces that have shaped this coast through millennia.
An extraordinary promenade performance in the dunes of Lunan Bay in Angus, Scotland. This special open-air production ran from 9 – 19 September 2021. 
Beach soundscapes and choral works sung from portions of the ancient flood myth poem Atra-Hasis.
Behind the scenes details of the initial development of the project and the application of spatial audio tools in the processes of composition.

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