String Quartet – Soundtrack

Gerstl’s Ghost is an immersive film / VR piece by Peter Bathurst which explores the last days of the painter Richard Gerstl.

I was commissioned to compose original music to underscore the dramatic narrative sequence leading to Gerstl’s suicide and subsequent interactive VR sequence.

Gerstl was a painter who committed suicide in 1908 after an affair with Mathilde Schöenberg.

These tragic events coincide with the composition of Arnold Schönberg’s – String Quartet No. 2, a work cited by the Schöenberg centre as:

“a milestone not just in the history of his composing, but also in the development of New Music as a whole. It represents the transition from tonal to atonal composition, and also an extension of the genre (the soprano added in the 3rd and 4th movements relaxes standard string quartet scoring).”

Further details about the affair and its influence on the development of Schoenberg’s music into atonality, can be found on Raymond Coffer’s research website here:

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