Stereo for diffusion – (adapted for 3rd Order Ambisonics in 2019) –

Stille Lyd means ‘Quiet Sound’. This piece was developed from recordings made in January 2014 around the log cabins at Høvringen, 1000 meters above sea level on the edge of the Rondane National Park. The air temperature was -13ºC and there was significant additional wind chill, which made the recording process a challenging but highly rewarding experience. The site was almost completely deserted and the isolation and silence of the location highlighted how many sounds there were to hear.

The work itself is developed from a range of different sound recordings captured at Høvringen, from the patter of snow falling on clothing, to the bubbling of water underneath a frozen stream and the crunch and swish of skis and boots on snow.

The work attempts to capture an impression of the experience of being in that ‘quiet’ location, an environment that is as beautiful as it is brutal.

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