Audiovisual Composition (2k Video with 48kHz Stereo Sound) –

“The non-place never exists in pure form; places reconstitute themselves in it; relations are restored and resumed in it”. Marc Augé – Non-Places

Inspired by Marc Augé’s notion of non-place, this audio visual composition explores how impressions of space and place (both positive and negative) can be constructed from the materials and textures of a neglected space.

Tones and textures intersect sonically and visually to alternately expand and contract our impressions of space, drawing us into an experience of this non-place.

The concept of the non-place is dynamic, in symbiotic opposition to that of place. In the same way, noises & tones, light & shadow and textures & forms, sit in audiovisual opposition. Such materials (all captured in one physical space) have been edited, extended and expanded in order to extrude impressions of an enveloping space; thus seeking to construct the dynamic contrast between place and non-place.

But, the piece is not conceptual. It should be experienced. A journey in spaces through lost, neglected and forgotten forms and material.

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