Quadraphonic electronic sounds & 16mm Projector –

Performance Instructions

The projector is the performer. 

The piece begins with the lighting illuminating a centre spot on the stage. The projector is then wheeled on to the stage by the operator and positioned as outlined above. 

Once the projector is in position, and connected to the power, the operator stands still and waits beside it for twenty seconds. The operator should stand at an angle of 45 degrees in relation to the projector, one pace behind it and to the rear (i.e. not to the side with the lens).

After waiting the operator should step forwards, turn on the projector and then leave the stage in an orderly fashion. The operator should exit the stage in the direction away from the projector lens. 

The soundfile playback should begin after approx. fifteen seconds, it is imperative to ensure that the operator has left the stage before the audio begins.

When the sound file playback is over the operator should wait ten seconds and then re-enter the stage. They should move in an orderly fashion to turn off the projector and unplug it. They should then wait for ten seconds, standing beside and behind the projector in the same position as before, prior to wheeling the projector off stage.

The piece ends when the the operator has exited the stage and the lights dimmed to black.

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