A collaboration between myself, Paula Fairfield, Brona Martin and L Acoustics, funded by HEIF.

A collaborative project to develop immersive hyperreal soundscapes, and research creative workflows for adapting linear timeline-based composition workflows towards new object-based panning systems, such as those used in the new L-ISA multichannel audio system.

The L-ISA team approached me with a desire to collaborate, having learned about our research in contemporary music and sound design through our successful Loudspeaker Orchestra concert series. L-ISA have recordings of conventional musical performances (jazz band and orchestra) mixed for their system, but the static nature of these music’s (situated “on stage” in front of the audience) means that the full capabilities of the L-ISA system (including surround sound) are not fully explored.

New approaches to sound, beyond music, afford new possibilities for a multichannel format such as L-ISA.  Working together, the possibilities of the L-ISA system can be interrogated and new workflows for artistic / technological collaboration can be developed. We can identify new possibilities (or challenges) in the system by interrogating it with the challenge of new works and non-traditional types of sonic content.

As part of the project we commissioned three new works:

And adapted existing compositions through ambisonic remixes and presented two public concert events up at the L-ISA studio in Highgate.


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