A touring collaborative programme of works, developed in collaboration with artist Jim Hobbs, commissioned by the 16mm Film Collective in New York MONO NO AWARE, delving into the archives of the New York Public Library and LUX, the experimental film collective in London, the programme presents reimagined and reinterpreted films from the archive with newly […]

incandescence (2016)

Stereo audio – This work is composed from materials captured on the factory floor of one of the largest factories producing utilities in the US, Nela Park, Cleavland, Ohio – GE’s lightbulb factory. The humble lightbulb is ubiquitous, driving our modern culture and providing us with a sense of controlling time and the working day. […]

Projections (2016)

Quadraphonic electronic sounds & 16mm Projector – Performance Instructions The projector is the performer.  The piece begins with the lighting illuminating a centre spot on the stage. The projector is then wheeled on to the stage by the operator and positioned as outlined above.  Once the projector is in position, and connected to the power, […]

Sounds of the Cultural Quarter

Historical Soundscapes & Sound Map – The premise of my contribution to the project was explore the soundscapes of the cultural quarter, reconstructing historical soundscapes as a way to engage local people to explore and connect with the history of the area through sound. I was commissioned as part of the ‘Affective Digital Histories’ project, […]

Precious – Flora (2014)

Sound Installation – Commissioned by Jasie McArdle and Ellen Bianchini to develop a soundtrack that serves to enrich the visual and tactile aspects of the work and to evoke associations with nature and the environment. http://www.lcbdepot.co.uk/event/precious-flora Brief: To design a soundscape for the installation Precious hosted at the LCB depot Leicester, to use ‘realistic’ sound […]

Stille Lyd (Quiet Sounds)

Supported by the British Council, Arts Council England and the Norwegian Production Network for Experimental Arts this project sought to explore the creative potential of silence as a compositional material. In the winter of 2013/14 I travelled to the Norwegian Centre for Technology in Music and the Arts (NOTAM) to work with their composers and […]

Hear Th↓s Space

Hear Th↓s Space are a collection of composers and curators who put on site-sensitive events.  We conjure our events in unique settings, letting the contingencies of the site/space meld the curation of sound based works and the choice of speaker system. We also work collaboratively  with other arts practitioners and musicians to facilitate multi-speaker sound systems as part of […]

Digital Building Heritage Group

Soundtracks – On this project I worked as Sound Designer alongside architects and 3D modelling designers to develop facsimiles of historical soundscapes in the reconstruction of historic sites and buildings. https://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-faculties-and-institutes/art-design-humanities/digital-building-heritage/digital-building-heritage.aspx


Documentary Film – I was invited to join and take part in the Dirty Electronics workshop at the Dartington International Summer School . This documentary captures the activities and the essence of the project as we built and performed with a new instrument. Charge/Discharge (2012) by John Richards [Documentary & Performance] from Andrew Knight-Hill on […]

Compose With Sounds

Commissioned composer / workshop convenor – Compose with Sounds is an EU Culture prgramme-funded software development project (2011-13) initiated by the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montfort University (UK). It involved partners in France, Germany and Norway as well as associate partners in Greece and Portugal. The goal of the project was to […]