Hear Th↓s Space are a collection of composers and curators who put on site-sensitive events. 

We conjure our events in unique settings, letting the contingencies of the site/space meld the curation of sound based works and the choice of speaker system.

We also work collaboratively  with other arts practitioners and musicians to facilitate multi-speaker sound systems as part of external events.


In 2014 I was successfully awarded a grant from Arts Council England to develop our concert work:

Building Communities was a Hear This Space project that ran from Spring 2014 to Spring 2015. The project was generously supported by Arts Council England through their Grants for the Arts programme.

1. Outputs (what happened).

With the support of ACE we were able to support the development of thirteen electroacoustic / sonic art compositions, run three highly successful workshops, present two concerts showcasing the works of workshop participants and commissioned artists and to significantly develop our orchestra of sounding objects through sculptural commissions and the purchase of equipment.

  • • Thirteen electroaoustic / sonic art pieces.
  • • Three successful workshops.
  • • Two concerts.
  • • Six sculptural ‘Sounding Objects’.

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