We Choose To Go To The Moon (2019)

Documentary Soundtrack (5.1) – [Dir. Tim Fitzpatrick] This evocative soundtrack was composed to underscore a short documentary film directed by Tim Fitzpatrick. Using NASA recordings from the Apollo 12 mission and extended Trumpet techniques performed by Bede Williams, the piece seeks to evoke the impression of awe and wonder that surrounds space exploration.

Biggest Neon Sign in the World (2019)

Soundtrack – Trumpet player Bede Williams sent me a recording of himself Roberto Kuhn (guitar) , Alex Waber (percussion) made in the Silo at Cupar, a highly reverberant space, and asked me to edit and complement these recordings to make a soundtrack for a short film by Tim Fitzpatrick. This project led on to collaboration […]

Europe Endless (2018)

Soundtrack – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9806348/ Following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in June 2016, literary critic and film producer Colin MacCabe visits celebrated writer Patrick McCabe in his hometown of Clones, Co. Monaghan, to discuss his novels, the impact of the referendum on the Irish border, and the Republic of Ireland’s relationship with Europe. Featuring […]

Double Take (2018)

Soundtrack for Dance Performance and Media – “Double Take: Looking back at yourself” an international performance that connects the Past with the Now. An amalgamation of physical and virtual dancers. Some 30 years ago, choreographer Gregory Sporton and dancer Sandra Norman collaborated on a stylish duet ‘Double Take’, subsequently performed around New Zealand for most […]

Precious – Flora (2014)

Sound Installation – Commissioned by Jasie McArdle and Ellen Bianchini to develop a soundtrack that serves to enrich the visual and tactile aspects of the work and to evoke associations with nature and the environment. http://www.lcbdepot.co.uk/event/precious-flora Brief: To design a soundscape for the installation Precious hosted at the LCB depot Leicester, to use ‘realistic’ sound […]

Digital Building Heritage Group

Soundtracks – On this project I worked as Sound Designer alongside architects and 3D modelling designers to develop facsimiles of historical soundscapes in the reconstruction of historic sites and buildings. https://www.dmu.ac.uk/research/research-faculties-and-institutes/art-design-humanities/digital-building-heritage/digital-building-heritage.aspx