GONG (2019)

35mm Optical Sound, Stereo – [Dir. David Leister] The greatest British film company emblematically deconstructed. Gong (2019) – Excerpt from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo. This work was premiered at the 2019 BFI London Film Festival, in the Experimenta – Double Vision Programme. Full programme details are available here: BFI Screening Link

Child of the Big City (2019)

Ensemble Performance – Trumpet, Flute, 2 Bassoons, Bass Trombone, Percussion. – Dir. Evgeni Bauer – The great privilege in developing this new score has been to discover and tease out the many subtleties and underlying themes within Bauer’s film. The music seeks to reflect the historical context, with musical references of original Russian Tango music […]

VOID (2019)

Audiovisual Composition (2k Video with 48kHz Stereo Sound) – “The non-place never exists in pure form; places reconstitute themselves in it; relations are restored and resumed in it”. Marc Augé – Non-Places Inspired by Marc Augé’s notion of non-place, this audio visual composition explores how impressions of space and place (both positive and negative) can […]

incandescence (2016)

Stereo audio – This work is composed from materials captured on the factory floor of one of the largest factories producing utilities in the US, Nela Park, Cleavland, Ohio – GE’s lightbulb factory. The humble lightbulb is ubiquitous, driving our modern culture and providing us with a sense of controlling time and the working day. […]

Perpetual Motion (2012)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work was inspired by and developed exclusively from materials collected in the Paternoster lift at the Attenborough tower, Leicester. The paternoster lift itself is in constant motion, the open compartments slide slowly between floors in a never ending loop, rising and falling, passing constantly in a seamless flow of perpetual motion. […]

Phase (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – This work is inspired by the concept of transformation in a thermodynamic system, from one state of matter to another. It uses colour and texture to evoke the complex interaction of energy and matter as they combine, react and transmute. Phase from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo.

Decomposing the Light (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – “I open my eyes to the light, and see at first only a maze of light and colour. I touch, I move forwards, I touch again, and as I look the chaos insensibly clears. Touch in some way decomposes the light, separates the colours, distributes among the objects, and detatches a clear […]

FLUX (2008)

Stereo Audiovisual – An audiovisual piece inspired by cyclic patterns, exploring sound and image relationships. Flux from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo.