Live Performance

A ritualised choral performance at Lunan Bay, Angus.

A perfect crescent running for nearly two miles. To the north end lie deeply formed sand dunes, their height testament to the actions of more ancient seas; Here we are offered protection.

Lost in time. In Mesopotamian creation stories, after mythical floods, half fish-half human sages, emerged from the sea to bring wisdom to the region long reputed as the ‘cradle of civilisation’.

Thousands of years later, the same lands lie decimated by war, while the world’s oceans are rising again… what would the Apkallū say if they returned to speak for one last time?

A commission by Hospitalfield and Arbroath 2020 marking the 700-year anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

In collaboration with Aproxima


“Here, we sit to experience the centrepiece of the show, a 20 minute ritual or symphony created by composer Andrew Knight-Hill, with choral sections written in the ancient Sumerian language Akkadian, and performed in spectacular style – against a backdrop of blazing dune fires”

Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman

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