What if we listened to the problems we want to solve?

The Centre for Sound and Image investigates the disruptive potential of sound and new media technologies in a world dominated by visual narratives

The Centre for Sound and Image is an internationally recognised hub for creative industry professionals, bringing together musicians and sound designers, film makers, scientists, artists and philosophers. Our shared goal is to reflect upon the relationships between the auditory and the visual, delivering insights and perspectives that can drive positive change and enrich lives.

We aim to:

  • Develop new, inclusive experiences and forms of expression, bringing people together with new technologies to better understand and connect with one another and the environment.
  • Provide innovative training and evidence-based guidance in new and emerging areas of music, immersive media and digital heritage.
  • Reflect upon and explore the potential of new immersive and virtual technologies using an arts and humanities frame, generating world-leading insights and reducing barriers for access.
  • Demonstrate the significance of the creative arts, culture and social sciences in understanding the complexity of the human condition as it relates to wellbeing, social justice, environment, sustainability and place-making.

Major Research Themes:

Exploring both the relationships between sound and the moving image, and the images which sound construct on their own, we are engaged in a wide range of international projects with high profile collaborative partners.

  • Sonic Phenomenologies
  • Heritage and Place
  • Spatial Aesthetics and Immersive Environments
  • Expanded Cinemas
  • Communities and Cultural Access

Our vision is to enrich lives locally, nationally and internationally.

More Information: https://www.gre.ac.uk/research/sound-image/about-us

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