I founded the Sound, Sight, Space and Play conference in 2008, with support from an AHRC Student Led Initiative grant, to bring together postgraduate students to share their research and develop their skills, competencies and confidence in presenting research.

The event ran annually from 2008 until 2011, and biannually since, at the Music Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, attracting leading ECR academics from across the UK to network and develop themselves.

Many early contributors to SSSP are now leading ECR academics across the UK and internationally.

The conference still runs, directed by current postgraduate students, and its official website can be found here – http://www.sssp.dmu.ac.uk/

Example Call for Works:

We would like to invite you to take part in Sound, Sight, Space and Play (SSSP) a conference for postgraduate and postdoctoral students working in the sonic and media arts. The conference is organised by postgraduate students of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC) at De Montfort University (UK), and it aims to stimulate co-operation and inspiration between postgraduate and postdoctoral students across institutional boundaries and disciplines, leading to new perspectives on current works and research. We encourage submission of papers and creative work, both completed and in-progress, individual or in groups, for presentation over the course of the event.

Event Topics

We invite paper submissions on topics related to creativity in the sonic and media arts including, but not restricted to, the following:

– Electroacoustic (including Acousmatic) Composition
– Multi-Channel Approaches to Composition and Sound Projection – Sound Art and Installations
– Interactivity
– Audio-Visuals and Media (including Visual Music)
– Sound Design
– Electronics and Circuit Bending
– Digital and Post-digital Performance Practice
– Education and the Sonic Arts
– Theoretical Implications of the Above

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