Developing content and designing web architecture for the EARS2 website (Electroacoustic Resource Site Pedagogical Project) an online education resource for children, teaching them about sound art and working creatively with recorded sound.

I was in charge of managing the day-to-day running of the project directing and leasing with other Research Assistants, the web development team, academic advisors and external consultants.

The EARS 2 pedagogical project and its associated project Compose with Sounds offers young people (Key Stage 3, 11-14 year olds) and interested people of all ages the chance to become acquainted with music made from sounds. EARS 2 offers a complete curriculum focusing on listening (repertoire), understanding of relevant concepts and making (composing) the music of sounds. It offers various forms of navigation so that users can follow their teacher’s or their own programme of discovery. The Compose with Sounds (CwS) project developed the creative software for EARS 2 called Compose with Sounds. This intuitive software includes a host of manipulation, generation and sequencing tools for inexperienced users. CwS was funded by the EU Culture programme and also involves MTI collaborators INA/GRM, ZKM and NOTAM as partners — as well as EPHMEE/Ionian University and Miso Music as associate partners. The CwS launch involved 18 schools in the six countries and the project culminated in concerts and teachers’ workshops in all six countries in early 2013.

Further EARS22 development and Phase 2 of Compose with Sounds are part of the EU Culture Interfaces project.

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