Over Lunan

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Soundtrack / Radio play / Live Performance – Choir, Marimba, Trumpet, Sound A ritualised choral performance at Lunan Bay, Angus. A perfect crescent running for nearly two miles. To the north end lie deeply formed sand dunes, their height testament to the actions of more ancient seas; Here we are offered protection. Lost in time. In […]

Reconfiguring the Landscape

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An International collaborative research network led by the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research at the Norwegian Music Academy. 2019-2022 Principal Investigator Natasha Barrett – Professor in composition at the Norwegian Academy for Music (NMH) Core Investigators Dr Nadine Schütz – Composer in Residence IRCAM Andrew Knight-Hill – Senior Lecturer in Sound Design and Music […]

Chase (2020)

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for Lead Theremin & Theremin Ensemble “This piece should be interpreted playfully. The lead Theremin selects and plays the notated gestures, while the ensemble seek to follow and imitate the leader. The ensemble are variously instructed to follow more or less closely, and the natural and expected latency between the lead Theremin and the individual […]

We Choose To Go To The Moon (2019)

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Documentary Soundtrack (5.1) – [Dir. Tim Fitzpatrick] This evocative soundtrack was composed to underscore a short documentary film directed by Tim Fitzpatrick. Using NASA recordings from the Apollo 12 mission and extended Trumpet techniques performed by Bede Williams, the piece seeks to evoke the impression of awe and wonder that surrounds space exploration.

Audiovisual Spaces: Spatiality, Experience and Potentiality in Audiovisual Composition

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IN: (ed.) A Knight-Hill (2020) Sound & Image: Aesthetics and Practices. Routledge. Abstract Echoing the spatial turns across the humanities, this chapter applies post-Bergsonian conceptions of space via Deleuze & Guttari, Massumi and Massey, to explore how a spatial conception might provide novel perspectives to conceive and understand the audiovisual. Spatial concepts embrace subjectivity, multiplicity, […]

Sound & Image: Audiovisual Practice and Aesthetics

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Edited Volume – In development. Bringing together a diverse array of international experts and practitioners, this book reflects the ideas, and approaches surrounding contemporary audiovisual practice. Engaging with both traditional and new media formats, each chapter explores a facet of audiovisual art. From Narrative Film to Visual Music, to Live VJ Performances and VR, to […]

Electroacoustic Music: An Art of Sound

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IN: Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media, Routledge 2020. https://www.routledge.com/Sound-Design/book-series/SDS Chapter Review: “Knight-Hill continues on with “Electroacoustic Music” in what should have been allocated its own section. While the chapter covers the well-trodden ground of Stockhausen, Schaeffer, Oram, and U.S. computer music, it does so in a concise and accessible way, resulting in an ideal […]

The Nature Of Sound And Recording

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IN: Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media, Routledge 2020. https://www.routledge.com/Sound-Design/book-series/SDS Chapter Review: “Stand out chapters include Knight-Hill’s comprehensive overview of “The Nature of Sound and Recording.” There are many books and chapters covering such fundamental theory but few that do so as thoroughly yet concisely as Knight-Hill’s. The accompanying diagrams are simple enough for […]

Sonic Diegesis: Reality and the Expressive Potential of Sound in Narrative Film

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IN: Quarterly Review of Film and Video , Volume 36, 2019 – Issue 8 https://doi.org/10.1080/10509208.2019.1593027 Abstract Perspectives and approaches from electroacoustic music are applied to support a phenomenological understanding of the role of sound in film, whereby all sounds are presented as potential drivers of cinematic diegesis.  Building upon notions of the non-diegetic fallacy (Winters 2010, Kassabian […]

GONG (2019)

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35mm Optical Sound, Stereo – [Dir. David Leister] The greatest British film company emblematically deconstructed. Gong (2019) – Excerpt from Andrew Knight-Hill on Vimeo. This work was premiered at the 2019 BFI London Film Festival, in the Experimenta – Double Vision Programme. Full programme details are available here: BFI Screening Link